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X80GT 2 Powerful Flashlight - 34,000 LUMENS

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The X80GT-2 is the most powerful flashlight in its class. With XHP50.3 LEDs, longer beam throw, and waterproof underwater 100 FT, this light makes it the perfect accessory for caving, search and rescue missions, or for day-to-day tasks. X80 was released 5 years ago, high praise by outdoor enthusiasts and explorers for its excellent performance and high quality, and has become the preferred “best portable searchlight”.
  • Working voltage: 10V to 16.8V
  • Max runtime: 34 hours
  • Max beam distance: 1650 FT
  • Impact resistant: 4 FT
  • Underwater 100 FT (Do not turn on and off underwater)
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum body structure
  • Premium type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish
  • Ultra-clear tempered glass lens with anti-reflective coating, which achieves a 98.3% light transmittance
  • Strobe mode for tactical and emergency use
  • Smooth reflector for max light output
  • Highly focused beam for maximum distance
  • Tactical knurling for a firm grip
  • Intelligent temperature-controlled light output for user safety
  • Specially designed for tactical, Law Enforcement, Self-defense, Hunting,
  • Search & Rescue, and outdoor activities.
  • Low: 220lms, 34hours, 155 FT, 550cd
  • Med1: 1,250lms, 7hours, 315 FT, 2,770cd
  • Med2: 2,000lms, 3.5hours, 410 FT, 3,850cd
  • Med3: 4,100lms, 2hours, 530 FT, 6,365cd
  • High: 9,400lms-4,300lms, 4minutes + 1.5hours, 800 FT, 16,400cd
  • Turbo: 17,800lms-4,300lms, 2minutes + 1.5hours, 1090 FT, 27,000cd
  • Turbo Max: 34,000lms-4,300lms, 1minute + 1.25hours, 1650 FT, 61,900cd
  • Strobe: 4,100lms, 3.5 hours
  • Size: 4.75” (length) x 2.5” (head diameter) x 2” (tube diameter)
  • Weight: 11.5oz (330g) without battery

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