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The SP Tools USA Mechanics Creeper - Fast Back is a must-have for all mechanics and enthusiasts. It has an ultra-stable three-wheel configuration and an ergonomic shape heavy-duty HDPE shockproof body. It has a 3” twin-axis sealed bearing control caster and 7” dual-bearing all-terrain wheels, making maneuvering on different surfaces a breeze. It also has a soft Polyurethane headrest and a two-position ground clearance (Ultra Low & Off-Road). With a capacity of 500 lbs (225kg), it will easily roll anyone under a vehicle.
  • Ultra stable three-wheel configuration
  • Ergonomic shape Heavy duty HDPE shockproof body
  • Rolls over air hoses and drain grates with ease
  • 3" twin-axis sealed bearing control caster
  • 7" dual bearing all-terrain wheels
  • Built-in tool trays
  • Soft Polyurethane headrest
  • 2 Position ground clearance (Ultra Low & Off Road)
  • Capacity: 500 lbs (225Kg)
  • SP Hand Tools are covered against manufacturing defects or faulty materials. This warranty does not cover overloading, abuse, misuse, and/or normal wear and tear. All SP Hand Tools are designed and manufactured for specific purposes; if not used for that intended purpose, they will not be covered by the lifetime warranty. Exemptions - All measuring equipment (12-month warranty), battery-operated wrenches (24-month warranty), striking and cutting tools (6-month warranty).